Divorce-SlideDivorce may mark the end of your marriage, but it marks the beginning of a new life for you and your children. To ensure that your rights are protected and you start this new phase on a stable financial footing, it is important to have an experienced divorce lawyer by your side.

At Krohn & Krissoff, P.A., we provide comprehensive divorce representation to clients from Annapolis, Maryland, and throughout the surrounding areas. With sound legal guidance now, you can avoid costly pitfalls which may haunt you in the future. Our attorneys are prepared to guide you through all aspects of the divorce process.

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Experienced Lawyers Guiding You Through the Divorce Process

If you are getting divorced in Maryland, there are a number of legal issues you must resolve before obtaining the judgment of divorce. The main issues facing most divorcing spouses are:

Divorce can be a stressful, time-consuming process, but with skilled legal guidance, the process can be much easier to bear. At our firm, an experienced family law attorney will work with you personally throughout the process, crafting a divorce strategy that suits your unique needs.

Resolving Divorce Disputes

While it is generally in everyone’s best interests to settle family law disputes out of court, it is necessary to be prepared for litigation and to operate from a position of strength. Our family lawyers are experienced negotiators and can help you effectively resolve your divorce dispute in or out of court. We also offer alternative dispute resolution options, including mediation.

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